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TeleCare Plus

Sometimes, to maintain independence and support well-being, extra assistance is needed. Our TeleCare Plus service can provide invaluable help to people with a range of conditions such as dementia, frailty and chronic diseases.

We offer a range of assistive living technologies to enhance your telecare alarm to help keep you safe and well in the home or while you're away from it.

We are all different and have different needs to keep us safe and well. The key to finding the right product to meet those needs is identifying the problem and understanding the situation. Our free telephone assessment will allow us to gain powerful insight in to why your independence, safety and well-being is being compromised, and how our TeleCare Plus service can help you gain control of your life again.

Based on over 27 years' experience in the provision of telecare services, we have identified six key areas where our assistive technologies can help people maintain independent lives for longer, as well as supporting carers where appropriate:


As we age, we can face problems such as weight loss, reduced physical strength, and a decline in speed and energy. These symptoms are often coupled with long-term conditions which can cause pain, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite and memory, shortness of breath and dizziness.

It is a combination of these factors that result in falls, especially at night, incontinence, and a failure to eat and take medication at the right time, if at all.

Our TeleCare Plus service can alleviate many of these problems through products that remind or send automatic alerts through to raising emergency alarms when something has happened, allowing appropriate interventions to be made which can often help to avoid emergencies that can lead to hospital admission.

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Over 750,000 people have a type of dementia in the UK, with the figure set to reach over 1m by 2025. Symptoms include losing track of time, short term memory loss, misplacing items, forgetting how to get home when out of the house, not recognising family and friends and becoming easily confused when performing everyday activities.

These issues can lead to accidents around the home, such as fires and floods, getting lost and frightened when out and about, and an increasing vulnerability to abuse and burglary.

Our TeleCare Plus service can help to manage these risks by providing products that can help locate people who do not know their whereabouts and issue immediate alerts to problems in the home, enabling independent living and providing peace of mind for family and friends.

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Around 1.5m people in the UK have a learning disability, which affects the way a person understands information and how they communicate. Some will find it difficult to understand new or complex information, learn new skills and cope independently, meaning everyday jobs such as household tasks, socialising or managing money can be extremely hard.

Using the telephone, answering the door, and taking medication are just some of the issues someone with a learning disability can face.

Our TeleCare Plus service can play a big part in helping someone with a learning difficulty live independently and safely by carefully managing potential situations with equipment that reminds them to take medication and control temperatures.

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Sensory impairments, such as visual impairment and hearing loss cannot always be rectified with spectacles and hearing aid devices. Many older people lose their independence through sensory impairment because it causes difficulties in cooking and food preparation, navigating unfamiliar environments, spotting visual danger signs or hearing potential problems, and keeping the home secure.

These problems can lead to social isolation, malnutrition and vulnerability within the home.

Our TeleCare Plus service can offer linked sensors and systems, and a range of talking devices to help those with visual impairment, as well as technology to alert to intruders, the telephone and the doorbell.

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A chronic disease is described as a long-term condition that can be controlled but can't be cured, such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes and hypertension. Many chronic diseases can limit an individual's ability to fulfil a normal, active life and can also lead to medical emergencies, including falls, strokes and heart attacks.

Taking medication, answering the door and falls are some of the problems that those living with a chronic disease can endure.

Our TeleCare Plus service can help manage these risks by providing products that can automatically alert to falls and other medical incidents, offering reassurance and peace of mind.

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Neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and motor neurone disease, occur when there is damage to the nervous system, often caused by an injury or an illness. This kind of damage can affect the spinal cord, nerves, brain, and muscles, affecting anyone of any age. The nervous system controls all workings of the body, so any problems can result in an inability to perform any activity properly, as well as having an impact on physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional aspects of well-being.

These problems can lead to someone being subject to seizures, difficulty in moving, eating, speaking and even breathing.

Our TeleCare Plus service can offer a solution to these issues via products and sensors that can automatically detect convulsions, breathing problems and physical decline.

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Mrs Williams:

“My mother’s call was dealt with professionally and rapidly and I genuinely feel like the quick response helped save her life. This is an exceptionally vital service, and I’m so relieved my parents have it”.

Mrs Horton:

“It was most reassuring to know there was someone keeping in touch with me all the time I was waiting for help to arrive”.

Mr Matthews:

“My experience with ‘false alarm’ incidents from my smoke alarm going off while I’m cooking gives me the confidence that a real alert would be dealt with ASAP”.

Mrs Salisbury:

“I have used Worcestershire TeleCare quite a lot recently and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s always on my wrist, I feel safer with it on”.

Mrs Jones:

“I feel more confident around the house and garden wearing my pendant. Thank you”.

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