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TeleCare Alarm

As we get older, our personal safety and avoiding and dealing with accidents or other emergencies in and around the home can become a very real concern.

If, like our many thousands of customers, you enjoy your independence but feel that the ability to call for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an emergency would help you to remain independent and confident at home, the telecare alarm and pendant is for you.

Rent an alarm for £4.45 per week, including 24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance, or buy an alarm for a one off payment of £175 and then pay just £2.75 a week for monitoring, support and maintenance (both options are subject to an installation fee). Call now on 0345 130 1469 to order or find out more.


When you need help, simply press the alarm button on the pendant or on the alarm unit, and you will be connected to one of our friendly and highly skilled operators in our Monitoring & Response Centre located in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

They will be able to speak to you over the loudspeaker built in to the alarm unit and will be able to hear you via the built in microphone. Just tell them what sort of help you need and our operator will arrange the appropriate help to respond such as your family or friends or, if required, your doctor or the emergency services. They'll stay on the line to reassure you until help arrives.

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The alarm simply plugs in to a mains socket and your normal telephone landline socket. If you live in and around Worcestershire, for a low one-off installation fee, one of our friendly trained installers will visit you to carry out the alarm installation and test it for you.

They'll make sure you know how to use it and help you make some test calls so you can see how easy and reassuring it is. If you live outside of our installation area, we will post our basic alarm and pendant package to you with easy to follow self-installation instructions.

Yes, we offer a wide range of additional options to our basic alarm and pendant package to provide further reassurance and safety to allow you to live independently in your own home:


KeySafes – We strongly recommend having a KeySafe fitted. This is a little box that is fixed to the outside of your property and contains keys for your front or back doors. The keys are held securely inside the box which can only be opened by entering a correct code on the front of the box. Our operators will know what the code is and will give it to the emergency services if needed. This will ensure that if you are unable to open the door in an emergency, the emergency services can still get in to help you without having to break the door down.

Order Now - Just £75 with an alarm installation or £95 fully fitted at all other times - Call 0345 130 1469


Additional pendants – these can be added to the system for use by other people in the property. Each pendant is linked to the person who normally wears it so our operators know which person needs help.

Order Now - Just £1.11 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Fall Detector

Fall Detector – In case you have a fall that makes it impossible for you to press the pendant button, the fall detector will automatically raise an alarm for you.

Order Now - Just £1.95 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector – One or more smoke detectors can easily be added. If smoke is detected, the alarm will activate and give you a loud warning in the property and will also call through to our operators in the Monitoring & Response Centre. If necessary they will call the Fire and Rescue Service.

Order Now - Just £1.18 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Extreme Detector – As an alternative to a smoke detector in rooms such as the kitchen, the temperature extreme detector can monitor a sudden or extreme rise or fall in temperature and automatically raise the alarm.

Order Now - Just £1.50 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector – Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. The CO detector will instantly alert you and raise an alarm in our Monitoring & Response Centre if it detects carbon monoxide in your property.

Order Now - Just £2.05 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Flood Detector

Flood Detector – Where there is a risk of flooding from taps left on or sinks blocking up, a flood detector can automatically raise an alarm.

Order Now - Just £1.77 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

Bogus Caller

Bogus Caller Button – If you find yourself worried by callers at your door, the bogus caller button allows you to alert our operators who can listen in to the conversation and call for help if they think you need it.

Order Now - Just £1.17 per week** - Call 0345 130 1469

** Must be added to an existing TeleCare Alarm installation

Mrs Williams:

“My mother’s call was dealt with professionally and rapidly and I genuinely feel like the quick response helped save her life. This is an exceptionally vital service, and I’m so relieved my parents have it”.

Mrs Horton:

“It was most reassuring to know there was someone keeping in touch with me all the time I was waiting for help to arrive”.

Mr Matthews:

“My experience with ‘false alarm’ incidents from my smoke alarm going off while I’m cooking gives me the confidence that a real alert would be dealt with ASAP”.

Mrs Salisbury:

“I have used Worcestershire TeleCare quite a lot recently and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s always on my wrist, I feel safer with it on”.

Mrs Jones:

“I feel more confident around the house and garden wearing my pendant. Thank you”.

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