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Mindme Alarm

MindMe Alarm

If independence and safety outside of the home is a worry then Mindme Alarm is the perfect solution. Whether it’s walking the dog, taking part in solo activities or shopping, a simple press of the SOS button on the compact device will connect you to our 24/7 Monitoring & Response Centre and immediate help can be arranged. You may not know where you are but that’s not a problem, as Mindme uses the latest GPS satellite technology so we can find out your exact location.

With the Mindme Locate, the device does not even have to be activated for us or loved ones to find the location of the user, making it the ideal solution for those suffering with dementia or learning disabilities who may forget where they are or where they are going to. Mindme Locate will allow someone who can become forgetful to carry on enjoying their time out and about, while offering family, friends and carers the option to find out where they are at any time, eliminating the worry of unaccompanied trips outside of the house.

With a simple, lightweight design, there are no confusing lights or buttons and it can be worn around the neck, on a key ring or even put in a pocket or bag.

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