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Online Shop

Coming soon our online shop will enable you to buy and rent from our wide range of devices and services.

Before our online shop opens you can still buy from us by contacting us on 0345 130 1469 or by emailing us at

We have a wide range of telecare sensors and devices available for you to choose from including all of the amazing devices below:

Doro watch Doro Watch
This discreet watch not only tells the time, but provides you with emergency assistance wherever you are and GPS location technology
Doro 825 smartphone Doro 825 smartphone
An easy-to-use smartphone with reassuring emergency alert button linked to our 24/7 monitoring centre. Includes GPS location technology to get help to you quickly no matter where you are in the world!
DoorBird video door entry DoorBird video door entry
Worried about who is calling at your door? DoorBird offers you video streaming and recording of who is at your door and enables you to talk to them via an app on your tablet or phone!
MindMe Mobile Pendant MindMe Mobile Pendant
A GPS enabled mobile pendant to provide you with reassurance and easy to summon help at the touch of a button. GPS tracking provides us with your location to get help to you wherever you are.
Onyx Pendant Onyx Pendant
Feel like you need a pendant for reassurance, but want something more stylish and discreet? The Onyx pendant looks like a piece of jewellery and can be worn around the neck or wrist. Help at the touch of a button in style!
Vibby Fall Detector Vibby Fall Detector
The Vibby wrist-worn fall detector senses the impact of falls and provides automatic alerting to our monitoring centre when you may be injured or unconscious. Available in a range of colours it can also be pressed by the user to ask for assistance.
PIR Motion Lights PIR Motion Lights
Help to avoid trips and falls with this low-cost solution for lighting the way around your home. These clever lights pick up movement in a room or hallway and instantly light up, providing you with increased safety when getting up during the night.
Canary Care Canary Care
Unobtrusive activity/inactivity monitoring system that alerts family, carers and our monitoring centre if anything seems out of the ordinary. Includes carer cards to track visits.
Memo Minder Memo Minder
A handy little reminder device to help those who may experience memory problems. Record your voice or those of a relative/carer to remind you to remember your keys, take medication or to go to that important appointment.
C500 Key Safe C500 Key Safe
Police approved key safe provides you with safe and secure access to your home for contacts and emergency services. We provide an expert installation service and the code is held securely by our monitoring centre team.