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Outcomes for all

Achieving results for service users, families, organisations and communities

"Worcestershire Telecare’s innovative service delivery model uses a unique assessment and outcomes mapping tool"

Our approach is to achieve results for everyone; to enhance and improve care for the people we support, their friends, family and carers. We provide a wide range of alarms and other assistive technologies designed to enable, support and provide independence for our service users. Enabling our service users to be safer, more independent and with a higher level of well-being helps to improve their lives, but also those around them benefit too. Family members and carers are able to spend more quality time with their loved ones knowing they are safe and well and are being looked after by Worcestershire Telecare.

Our monitoring centre operates 24/7 and is at the heart of our service; our service is proactive and responsive, bringing together information from multiple sources to deliver a better standard of care. We work directly with care services to deliver innovative and cost effective care provision and this approach enables us to achieve Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS).

Achieving the best for service users

We believe that assistive technology can help to provide better levels of care and is not about replacing care. Service users should have their lives enhanced by technology; it should improve their care package and help their support network to be in touch.

Assistive technology is changing and becoming more intelligent, effective and diverse in its nature. It offers a huge range of possibilities to enhance users' health, independence and well-being. At Worcestershire Telecare we recognise that embracing the 'art of the possible'

Involving families, carers & loved ones

When it comes to assistive technology we believe that it can only be successful if it considers and complements the user’s support network. This includes families, friends, carers, loved ones and support services such as responder services and Health & Social Care professionals.

We tailor our assistive technology solutions and services to integrate with these support networks to maximise their success and provide a feeling of involvement and support to all those involved. Our holistic approach ensures that our assistive technology fits into everyday lives and recognises all of the factors that make sure of a successful outcome for everyone who cares for and supports our users.

Making a difference for communities

Supporting people to be more independent, happier and healthier has significant benefits for communities. Our service users feel supported to be involved in their community, feel connected to their loved ones and by enabling support networks to prosper, we are able combat loneliness and feelings of vulnerability.

Our approach is designed to support the user in the community that surrounds them, helping to manage impacts and interactions with other support services and community agencies. We work closely with local stakeholders to maximise effectiveness, for example with falls prevention teams, the Emergency Services and neighbourhood teams.

The 'go-to provider' for commissioners

Value for money is at the heart of everything we do and working to ensure that our solutions support users to achieve outcomes as well as delivering cost-effectiveness for commissioners is integral to our approach.

In financially challenging times it is critical that our services ensure funding is channeled to where it is needed most and packages of care and support are supported to meet outcomes whilst being financially efficient. By employing innovative solutions to complement care we focus resourcing to deliver more.

Outcomes for organisations

Our services are designed to achieve outcomes for all types of organisations. Our experience of working with Housing, Health and Adult Social Care has enabled us to ensure our services deliver results across a broad spectrum of organisation. By tailoring our services we measure results and outcomes that reflect the needs of organisations and we ensure that all appropriate governance mechanisms are in place for the services we provide.

As part of The Community Housing Group we have an experienced background in housing services by playing a crucial role in the effective delivery of housing management for our residents.

Care & Support 24 forms part of our Group and working closely with them enables us to provide joined-up care solutions and to support residents in supported housing and extra care facilities.

We have extensive experience in hospital discharge facilitation services through our highly successful ‘Home from Hospital’ schemes, which support people to return home and to recover following treatment.